Shipping & Returns

Return & Refund Policy


Shoes can be returned or exchanged within a 28 day period. Past the 28 day period, we are unable to offer you a refund or an exchange. There are no exceptions.

To be eligible for a return: 

1. Stickers must remain on the bottom of the shoe. Don't remove them if you aren't sure that you are keeping the shoes. Talk to us or to your teacher first.

2. The suede sole has to be in the same condition that you received them in, clean and fuzzy. Dirty, worn, or scuffed shoes will not be accepted, whether you wore them for a second, a minute, or a lesson. Try them on carpeted surface if you aren't sure.

3. Shoes cannot be danced in. Please resist the temptation. You will be stuck with them.

4. Shoe must be in their original packaging.

5. All shoes purchased on sales are not subject to a return, refund, or exchange. Please plan ahead by contacting us.