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In 26 years of it's existence AIDA, a manufacturer of ballroom & latin dance shoes, has made tremendous progress in meeting dancers' needs worldwide. Our goal is to consistently provide the dancing community with the best shoes possible, which would satisfy quality and comfort expectations of every dancer without exception, beginners and professionals alike. After almost two decades on the market we can proudly state that we've not only met this goal, but also revolutionized the dance sport industry

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Handmade in Russia since 1993

The company was established over 26 years ago, and has since become one for the world's most sought after dance shoe brands, meeting dancers' needs worldwide. With 26 years of experience, unique equipment, unparalleled handmade techniques and infinite customizing options, they are the number one option in Dance Shoes today.

''Aida - best shoes in the World! I recommend 138 STEFANO. This model designed by Aida company together with me.''

Stefano DI FIlippo